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Version 2.5 is now available, featuring: System of Space and Time, an interactive art installation by Scott Snibbe; general bug fixes; and more custom-typeset e-books, including an exclusive comic by Chris Ware. Plus, the app is now free and comes with a one-month subscription to the Small Chair.
Each week you’ll receive exclusive multimedia — stories, films, readings, interviews, art — plus new humor pieces from our website every day.

This free app includes one month of weekly Small Chair content, plus semi-eternal delivery of the website material, plus deluxe access to our classy
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In our continuing efforts to extend a tentacle into every cranny of human experience, we proudly present the Small Chair, a weekly selection from all branches of the McSweeney’s family. One week you might receive a story from the upcoming Quarterly, the next week an interview from the Believer, the next a short film from a future Wholphin. Occasionally, it might be a song, an art portfolio, who knows. None of this material will be available online and it’s all pretty sure to be good stuff. (Note: Your subscription begins with the piece currently at the top of this page; past Small Chairs are not available, but the future is sure to be even better.)

The app also delivers the daily humor from our Internet Tendency, specially formatted for your iOS device, along with news, updates, and announcements. This feature will remain active and free, even if your Small Chair subscription expires.

Finally, we offer a small library of handpicked e-books, designed specifically for this platform, available as in-app purchases.

Allow the Small Chair to fill your moments of solitude, moments of togetherness, moments of intolerable boredom. The Small Chair is available on iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®, and currently nowhere else. It can be downloaded from the App Store℠, via the normal channels.

Your first month of weekly excitement is included. Subscriptions can be renewed every six months for $2.99 (or local equivalent).


We are more committed than ever to books, paper, and exploring the possibilities and challenges of our printed objects. This year we launched a new line of children’s and young adult books, as well as a journal of food-writing called Lucky Peach. In the coming year, we’ll be publishing a medley of books from a number of our favorite authors, including David Byrne, Susan Straight, Hilton Als, John Brandon, Miranda July, and Alessandro Baricco. We’ll make as many of these available electronically as we can, but each is first and foremost a print project.

At the same time, we’re always looking for new ways to communicate with our readers. has been an important part of our operation from our very beginning, and this project is the next logical step. It’s fun to try things like this, and the iOS format provides opportunities for working with different types of media, especially in small chunks and with fast delivery. We expect it to evolve in interesting and unpredictable ways, and hopefully you’ll follow along with us.

An iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or greater is required.
A network connection is needed the first time you run the app.

The application sends certain statistics about your device back to our servers. These only include things accessible via the
iOS SDK such as device name, UDID and iOS version. We need this information to manage your subscriptions
and make sure the content we deliver is optimized for your device.

System of Space and Time by Scott Snibbe. Painting by Alexander Kori Girard.
Programming by Scott Snibbe and Colin Roache. FMOD Soundsystem by Firelight Technologies.

Hybrid Moment by Rafaël Rozendaal. He lives and works on the internet.

Touch Sensitive developed in collaboration with Spaces of Play.

Push Notification sound effects were created exclusively
for us by Nick Thorburn of Islands and Mister Heavenly.

iPad Starburst by Chris Ware.

Designed and developed by Russell Quinn, with thanks to the following open-source libraries:

The excellent ASIHTTPRequest wrapper was used in this project.
This portion of the code base is copyright © 2007-2011, All-Seeing Interactive
and is distributed under this license.

We also used the also excellent ZipArchive, licensed and distributed
under the terms of the MIT License.

Thanks also to Mark Bates and PRX for the APN on Rails gem. This is also licensed
and distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

The Store and Subscription tab bar icons were created by Joseph Wain
and are shared under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Twitter communications based on MGTwitterEngine
by Matt Gemmell and Twitter+OAuth by Ben Gottlieb.

Facebook communications implemented using
Facebook iOS SDK.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc.,
registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Everything else is © McSweeney’s Publishing LP and Russell Quinn.